Solar, UCL
London, United Kingdom
Email: max.hort.19[at]



I am a PhD Candidate at the Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST) in the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL). I am supervised by Professor Federica Sarro and Professor Mark Harman.

My research interests lie on machine learning fairness, non-functional optimization, and search-based software engineering. In particular, I focus on improving the fairness of machine learning models, such as binary classification and word embeddings.


  • An Empirical Study on the Fairness of Pre-trained Word Embeddings (GEBNLP'22) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • Py2Cy: A Genetic Improvement Tool To Speed Up Python (GI@GECCO'22) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • Privileged and Unprivileged Groups: An Empirical Study on the Impact of the Age Attribute on Fairness (Fairware'22) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • Did You Do Your Homework? Raising Awareness on Software Fairness and Discrimination (ASE'22) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • Fairea: A Model Behaviour Mutation Approach to Benchmarking Bias Mitigation Methods (FSE'21) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • The Effect of Offspring Population Size on NSGA-II: A Preliminary Study (GECCO'21) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • A Survey of Performance Optimization for Mobile Applications (TSE'21) [Bibtex] [pdf]
  • Optimising Word Embeddings With Search-Based Approaches (GECCO'20) [Bibtex] [pdf]

Master Thesis

  • Using Deep Learning to Improve Proof-Number Search in Two-Player Board Games [pdf]


  • Shadow PC for MSR'22
  • Co-reviewer for TSE
  • Co-reviewer for ASE'22
  • Co-reviewer for TOSEM
  • Co-reviewer for ICSE'22
  • Co-reviewer for FSE'21, FSE'22
  • Co-reviewer for SANER'20
  • Student Volunteer ICSE'21
  • Student Volunteer FSE'20
  • Teaching Assistant COMP0137 Machine Vision
  • Teaching Assistant COMP0066 Introduction to Programming
  • Teaching Assistant COMP0005 Algorithms
  • Co-supervision of MSc student projects (Fairness of Word Embeddings, Genetic Improvement for Python)